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Frequently Asked Questions - Countryside Living Community

Countryside FAQ's

  • How does the community provide security for elopements? Visitors? Etc.?
    Countryside Living provides key pad entry and exits including gates that give access to the outdoor courtyards.
  • How do you know about the residents care needs, preferences, diets, and wants?
    We have individualized care plans specifically designed to allow staff to provide the best care that includes family input and is reviewed every 90-days.
  • How is your housing and care fees structured?
    There are 3-tiers of fees that include housing and individualized care needs.
  • Do you have private rooms?
    We have private, shared with private bathrooms, private with shared bathrooms, shared with shared bathrooms.
  • Do you allow pets?
    Yes under 20 pounds
  • Do you have a nurse on staff?
  • How is your staff trained?
    We have a very strict training policy that includes ongoing training that meets and exceeds state requirements including specific memory care training.
  • How often do you have activities?
    We employ activities staff 7-days a week a minimum of 8-hours a day that include many outings and at least 1 family event every month.
  • Are you private pay only?
    We are private and accept Medicaid.